We are happy to welcome you on American mama Surrogacy page! Together with our Ukrainian partner, InShell health care agency, we are offering our services in organization and conduct of international ART (assisted reproductive technologies) programs, namely surrogacy.

Ukraine is nowadays among the most popular ART destinations in the world.

Ukrainian legislation is very liberal towards ART. There three main documents providing standards of ART programs in Ukraine. First one is the Family Code of Ukraine. Article 123 of the Code provide that children born in the ART programs should be registered as children of intended parents (IP). IP are recognized as legal parents of the kid born in ART programs both with use of donor`s materials or participation of surrogate mother. Second and the most essential document in this sphere is the Order of the Ministry of health of Ukraine № 787 from 09.09.2013 regulating use of the assisted reproductive technologies in Ukraine. This order touches the most important questions of the use of the ART, among them IVF treatment, use of donors` gametes and surrogacy. The third document is “Rules of the state registration of civil acts of Ukraine” which is extremely important for the registration of parental rights of IP`s.

The main advantages of Ukraine as an international ART destination are reasonable price, high development of medical science and private practice and law on the side of the IPs. The price of the IVF programs as well as surrogacy programs in Ukraine is much cheaper than the same programs in USA. For example the price for surrogacy program starts from 34500 $. That is why the difference in price will not only cover the travel expenses, but will save intended parents a big sum of money. Ukraine was, surprisingly, among the first countries to start the IVF practice in the late 80ies. Nowadays more than 40 fertility centers work in Ukraine and offer a high quality services. The legal aspect of the ART use is the most important advantage of Ukrainian ART programs. The legality of surrogacy as a method of infertility treatment as well as the legal recognition of the parental rights of the IP for their baby born in ART program attract IP from all over the world.

Only married heterosexual couples can use ART in Ukraine for medical reasons. It is impossible to become a participant of ART program being single or a legally married abroad homosexual couple.

InShell is international health care agency specialized on organizing international surrogacy programs. Our team is ready to help you choose and peak up a SHELL for YOUR PEARL.

Inshell story started 4 years ago in the city by the sea, Odessa. At first, they were offering only legal support of ART programs. Today they have grown up in a team of specialists ready to organize your surrogacy journey from the very beginning up to your return home with your PEARL.

We can offer you a reliable support through all the surrogacy programs , namely

Donor and surrogate matching

Support in choosing ART medical center and doctor

Control over the realization of the program (All the way pregnancy goes surrogate is under constant care of the our agency`s managers)

Legal support both on the first stage of the program and after the childbirth.

Our offices are working in Odessa and Kiev (Ukraine) and Miami FL. Our team is always willing to help you and answer all your questions.

Do you want your dreams about a small baby pearl come true? Ready to start your surrogacy journey? Let`s go through it together!


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